Amazon’s Brilliant PR Stunt

January 30, 2018 10:43 pm Published by

Amazon has taken over just about every industry in recent years, so it makes sense they would also pull off the biggest PR stunt of year.

For months, elected officials, marketing agencies and tourism groups have been bending over backward to court Amazon as the world’s largest internet company searches for a second HQ. Whole communities have weighed in, thousands of OpEds have been drafted, and talking heads have debated endlessly why their hometown should – or shouldn’t – welcome Amazon. Some cities have gone to unprecedented lengths to impress, some with mixed results. (Phoenix went so far as to send a giant cactus to Jeff Bezos, but ultimately didn’t make the cut). The bottom line is the same – Amazon is generating an uncanny amount of positive press across the country.

Amazon’s attempts to humanize themselves couldn’t come at a better time. When you are the biggest internet company in the world, led by the richest man in the world, it tends to make you a target. Amazon disrupts every industry they enter, and has often been criticized for displacing small businesses and driving down wages. As Amazon continues to grow, the accusations of Monopoly grow louder as other internet companies jockey for competitive advantage. Yesterday’s announcement that they are partnering with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to reduce healthcare costs caused a ruckus in the stock market, as investors anticipate major changes in the industry now that the big A has entered.   Amazon the Destroyer!

Amid all of this, Amazon hosts the nation’s largest sweepstakes, promising jobs and economic growth to wherever they go. 238 North American cities joined the campaign, changing the conversation from ‘wage crusher’ to ‘business builder’ almost overnight. By cutting the list to 20, Amazon generates additional waves of media coverage as the remaining candidates double down to increase their chances of winning. Amazon the Incredible!

We will probably have another round of cuts before the final decision is made, and why not? It gives Amazon the opportunity to enjoy another news cycle of positive press before revealing the final winner.

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