Sep 14

Construction Underway at EEW-AOS in Gloucester County, NJ

Monopile production mill will be the largest offshore wind manufacturing facility in the United States

The Harman Group (THG), a firm specializing in structural engineering and parking planning and design, has announced that construction is underway at EEW-AOS monopile manufacturing facility. Phase I includes a 110,100 square-foot monopile welding plant, located at the Port of Paulsboro Marine Terminal in Gloucester County, NJ. This offshore wind manufacturing facility will be the largest in the U.S. The facility will be able to build 400-foot long, 2,500-ton monopiles to supply the 1,100 MW Ocean Wind farm off the coast of southern New Jersey.

The Harman Group provided structural engineering for concrete foundation systems for the Phase 1, Circ Weld building and Paint and Blast buildings, in partnership with developer, EEW-Group, architect, Ruggieri & Partners and construction manager, Orsted and Rycon Construction.

The 70-acre site requires a strong concrete mat foundation to support the manufacturing of monopiles, which are 40 feet in diameter and weigh the same amount as 1,572 average cars. Critical to understand, with this weight upwards of 5.5 million pounds, it is an enormous load to be put on a foundation system. These mammoth monopiles must be made on the waterfront, for direct loading onto barges as roads are unable to support this kind of load. To ensure the manufacturing facility does not settle excessively, 9,250 cubic yards of concrete must be poured to create a supportive foundation system.

THG plays an integral part in terms of coordinating this new first-in-the-nation infrastructure investment for the operation of monopile production.  “The Harman Group has substantial knowledge of constructing and designing mat foundations, especially on demanding sites, which allows us to take on this engineering feat,” said Jan Vacca, Principal and Vice President of The Harman Group. “We are proud to be a part of the team that is building offshore wind and clean energy, making New Jersey a leader in this category.”

Once completed, the foundation system will support multiple buildings on this 70-acre site. The project construction is ongoing.

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