Red Nose Day Ramps Up in Philadelphia

The Challenge

Red Nose Day has raised more than $100 million dollars to help end childhood poverty. Through the sale of the red noses for $1 at Walgreens, the goal is to show how a little laughter can make a big impact to help kids. Maven was tapped to raise awareness and promote Red Nose Day, specifically in the Philadelphia region, before the event ended on May 24th.


Minute radio interview on WBEN 95.7 FM’s and NBC10


Impressions in Philadelphia area via social media


In an effort to tell a deeper, more compelling story of how fundraising dollars help children in the Philadelphia area, Maven went beyond promotion of just the event.

Maven identified the Covenant House, a direct recipient of Red Nose Day dollars, as a potential partner. Covenant House is a youth shelter in Germantown, which helps hundreds of homeless teens each year with a place to sleep, food to eat and job and life skills training to get them back on the right track. This charity partner was key in showing a connection between a national campaign and its local impact on the Philadelphia community.


With this pitch, Maven secured a 15-minute-long radio interview featuring a Covenant House volunteer and a Walgreens spokesperson on WBEN 95.7 FM’s weekly show, HerStory, with host Kathy Romano. You can listen to the story here.

Maven also used the Covenant House angle with Walgreens to land several stories on WCAU NBC10. The reporter was able to get inside the Covenant House, interview one of the directors along with a Walgreens spokesperson, and interact with several of the teens who are currently living at the shelter. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a selfie with the red noses, while telling the story of how those red noses help the kids in the video.

Finally, we made sure to get the red noses in the hands of the media and social influencers. Noses were packaged and sent along with an info sheet full of sample social media messages and campaign specific hashtags. The whole NBC10 Morning Crew wore the red noses along with sports reporters, radio hosts and lifestyle bloggers. Overall, there were more than one million impressions in Philadelphia.

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