Digital and PR: A Vital Integration

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Like many industries, the public relations and communications field is constantly evolving. In order to stay on top of the newest trends and practices, we must be life-long learners. It’s certainly no surprise that the biggest impact we’ve seen on the industry over the past five years is the need to integrate digital and social media elements with the traditional public relations.

With the constant merging and closing of traditional print outlets, and the downsizing of traditional media staff, this integration is a welcome option, as it allows companies and consumers to take control and drive the conversation.

Social media has an amazing ability to augment traditional media with content that explains and shares a full and complete story.

Social media allows brands to directly engage with customers in an ongoing, real-time personal manner.

Here are a few ways digital helps to augment traditional PR: 

  • Digital platforms provide additional ways information and messaging can be shared. Make sure that what you are providing via digital is consistent with the message you are pushing out via traditional PR tactics.
  • Digital platforms create a direct touch point with the consumer, which allows for a conversion to sales. This is very different from media relations, where we have to rely on consumers being drawn to action by reading a story.
  • Digital gives the ability to hit not only target audiences, but also their networks, who, in theory, are also target audiences. While traditional media outlets are geographically based audiences, on social there are various ways to parse and target audiences down to their individual interest.
  • Digital gives us a much greater ability to generate awareness. Social and digital integration can take your traditional PR practice to the next level by using outside sources to amplify a message to help increase customer loyalty.

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