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This month, Maven celebrates our 10 year anniversary. It’s been an incredible adventure. We’ve come a long way since our early days, when Jess and I flipped the tiny spare bedroom of my Fairmount condo into an office. We had a phone, fax (a what?!) and two laptops. We had zero business experience, but we had vision, ambition, and most of all, people who supported and believed in us. So many things have changed since those early days, but our ever-growing network of people who support and inspire us has remained a constant reminder of why we love what we do.

There have been ups and downs. From the giddy joy of starting the company  in 2006, to the anxiety-fueled nights during the Great Recession when Jess and I didn’t take a paycheck to keep the company afloat, we have learned something from every experience. The recession taught us to diversify, leading us to expand our areas of focus beyond M&A and real estate to include professional services and most recently, a rapidly growing non-profit practice featuring some of country’s premiere institutions in the arts, advocacy and public health. We’ve gone beyond “traditional” PR to build an integrated communications practice that includes robust content marketing, digital, and thought leadership practices.

The scope has changed, but our mission to provide the best results for our clients remains the same.

We have learned to trust our instincts when it comes to client partnerships. If it doesn’t feel right from the get go, it probably isn’t.  You can’t force a fit, which is a lesson we have sometimes learned the hard way. But when the match is right, there is true partnership. Many of our clients have become friends and confidants over the years, and the experience of watching not only the work, but these relationships evolve over the years has been something I am very proud of.

When we started Maven, we weren’t sure how big we were going to be, or if we would hire any employees at all. But we did grow, eventually occupying our new, sleek HQ at 123 South Broad Street this summer. Each person we have worked with over the years has brought something new and valuable to our evolution as a company. Of all the things we have done, learning from and building an incredible team over the years has been the most rewarding.  Our team believes in the work our clients do and work tirelessly to meet and exceed client goals. But we also have fun – often at each others expense – over beers and at social events.

After 10 years, would I change anything? Yes.

Rebecca's head shot, 2006.

I would change the tropical Hawaiian shirt I wore in my first professional head shot. It was terrible. This photo goes against almost every piece of advice I have given to clients regarding what to wear during a photo shoot.

But other than that, I am only grateful to our clients, partners and friends that have made this milestone possible. I am proud of the company we have built together, and I look forward to another 10+ years of creativity, joy and success with all of you.

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