4 Tips to Improve your Photography in Branding

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As 2016 comes to an end, I’d like to share some successful design trends that I’ve seen work this year, and show how photography knowledge can help. There are nearly 3.5 billion internet users, over 2.5 billion have social media accounts, and 95 million photos and videos are shared on Facebook and Instagram a day.

So, why is photography important for brands?

The Internet breaks down into a series of text and images; images are visually pleasing folks on the Internet. From content marketing to website design, designers are constantly adding great photography for branding.

Here are 4 tips to improve your use of photography for marketing:



How many times have you scrolled passed a blurry image or the red x image box? For me, it’s daily. Nowadays, image resolution is vital. High resolution images have a higher DPI, dots per square inch, and can adapt to various interface screen dimensions versus smaller images and smaller DPIs. Here’s a rule of thumb; always go big with your DPIs and pixels.



Effective photography needs composition. Composition tells your audience this image has a purpose and story to tell. Think of the photos’ background, mid-ground, and foreground; and don’t be afraid to experiment with the rule of thirds for interesting placement. Don’t limit yourself by shooting a square frame, try horizontal shots and think of your photograph in thirds or quadrants.



Lighting is the first thing I notice in an image. Poorly lit photography tends to be overlooked. Is the subject well-lit? Is there underexposure or overexposure? Is the contrast level balanced? These are a few things to consider. Move around the subject to see the setting’s light change for variation. And don’t forget about natural light. Early mornings and late afternoons are prime times for the best natural light and color.



When choosing an image for your website or your Instagram, be critical. Look past likes for a moment and concentration on the photos motivation. Ask yourself, “Does this image draw me in or tell a story? What does this image say to your audience?” Be consistent with your imagery so your consumers get a sense of your brand and values. Images are fun, but all should have meaning.

How can this help with marketing?

Designing for the web can be difficult, especially when the platforms keep changing (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) But one thing I noticed that stayed the same across the web throughout 2016 was the use of imagery. Finally, brands caught on to social media. I found popular trends like large image headers, smaller header image backgrounds, large full-screen background, and rotating images. By applying basic photography techniques, these stand-out images build depth, offer space, and relaxed user experience while focusing on content. Let your work speak for itself.

You don’t have to be National Geographic or a lifestyle brand to use quality photography in your everyday marketing. So, get out there, try your hand at photography!

By Tina Tedesco

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