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The Most-Shared Presidential Ads

November 9, 2016 4:36 pm Published by

As we sift through the influx of presidential election news in our feeds today, I thought it would be refreshing to add to the conversation by focusing less on the winning or losing candidate, but more on the ads that we saw on TV that then resurfaced online throughout the campaign.

A recent analysis was conducted by a video AdTech company called Unruly to determine the top 10 most-shared ads of the presidential campaign. They are:

  1. Mirrors (Hillary Clinton): 555,918 shares
  2. Clear Difference (Hillary Clinton): 505,020 shares
  3. Alicia Machado (Hillary Clinton): 441,042 shares
  4. Role Models (Hillary Clinton): 396,957 shares
  5. Barack Obama endorsing Hillary (Hillary Clinton): 366,120 shares
  6. What Trump would do as president (Hillary Clinton): 346,108 shares
  7. Love Trumps Hate (Hillary Clinton): 273,778 shares
  8. 30 Years (Hillary Clinton): 260,220 shares
  9. Equal Pay (Hillary Clinton): 229,220 shares
  10. Andrew Tesoro (Hillary Clinton): 217,103 shares

Putting political views aside, do you notice anything? All the top 10 ads come from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

One theory on this is that the Clinton campaign spent more money on paid media, while the Trump campaign focused less on ads and benefitted more from the earned media that Donald Trump generated via rallies.

Per the same Unruly analysis, the most-shared Trump ad is this video from the Great America PAC, with 49,678 shares.

Regardless of your opinion on the new president, it’s interesting to see how both candidates used social media, advertising and public relations throughout the course of their campaigns.

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This post was written by Emily Kanter

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