Corporate Social Media: Don’t Take Your Brand So Seriously- It Just Might Pay-off

March 26, 2017 11:42 pm Published by

It’s not unusual for brands to take themselves too seriously, especially on social media. Recently however, one company has taken a riskier and somewhat unorthodox approach. Wendy’s social media team has been funny and sarcastic in their interactions on social – and the risk is paying-off. Customers are taking notice and enjoying the fun nature of the brand’s interactions.

This new social “attitude” started breaking the usual rules of social media with a mic drop response to a post on January 3. After Twitter user Thuggy-D questioned Wendy’s “fresh, never frozen” beef slogan, Wendy’s response lit-up the Twitterverse:

The sassy response, in addition to a smorgasbord of other less notable quips, has truly grown Wendy’s twitter presence and is making them stand out from the stereotypical canned customer service responses that often are used by corporations on social media.

To hear more of their honest and sassy responses checkout this video:

This risky strategy works for Wendy’s because they know their customer base well. But it’s not an approach that works for every brand. Before launching your own sarcastic and sassy responses on Twitter, first make sure it will resonate with the target audiences.

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