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This holiday season, we have a lot to be thankful for – our health, families, friends, and much more but, we’re saving that for personal Facebook posts! Instead, today we are taking a moment to share PR and social media trends we are thankful for from 2017.

We took a poll of the office to see what trends everyone is most thankful for and it’s safe to say, the strides the industry is making across social and tech are greatly beneficial to our everyday work as well as our personal lives.

Check out some of our favorite trends from the last year:

Twitter Character CountThough we were suspicious in the beginning when Twitter announced they were doubling the character counts for all users (we all know that person who should not be able to have 280 characters), for business accounts, we are loving it! We can provide more context about announcements, calls for action, and spreading the mission within the easily digestible app.

Instagram Stories – Even though stories launched in 2016, the updates throughout 2017 have been fantastic. From ensuring captions are centered and straight to creating polls for real-time responses on important topics, such as what to order for dinner or what to wear, the updates are interactive and innovative – great for both business and personal use.

TVEyes – At the office, we swear by TVEyes! The monitoring tool allows you to search for all broadcast segments, so you never need to hound a reporter for the segment or worry about missing it again.

Google Analytics Plugin – Each year, Google Analytics capabilities improve more and more, and the new plugin tool is no exception. We are able to see exactly where users are on any webpage which helps inform future updates and understand visitor’s habits and interests.

Content – Though content is not a new trend, clients understanding the value of content and investing more time and resources into developing meaningful, interesting stories on their blogs and social media is! There is no longer reliance solely on traditional press, but now a good understanding of cross-platform promotion as well.

Do you have any favorite trends this year? Let us know by tweeting us @MavenAgency!

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