How To: Keep Your PR Campaign on Track During The Holidays

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The holiday season can sometimes be a complicated time in the workplace.

The holiday parties, the unavoidable treats in the kitchen, and the urgency to get everything done before your well-earned time off.  There are also the important year-end recaps, client presentations, and planning for the New Year. The mix of (sugar induced) highs and lows can often be distracting and difficult to manage.

For PR professionals, it is important that PR campaigns do not come to a stop, but rather build momentum for the new year. In fact, the holidays are a perfect (and often underrated time) to pitch the media with your story ideas.

For some reporters, the holiday season is an opportunity for a break from the otherwise demanding day-to-day newsroom grind. For others, it is a time to focus on the emails and pitches that are sitting unread in inboxes. Regardless, it is important to remember that news doesn’t stop over the holiday season, so neither should your outreach!

Below are some tips to help keep you on top of your PR campaigns:

Pitch content and stories that are evergreen:

  • The middle of December through early January is the perfect time to pitch your client stories that are not time sensitive. It is possible that reporters are more receptive and willing to cover your story with the inevitable gaps in timely content over the coming weeks.

Submit bylined articles and contributed content early:

  • It is always helpful to submit your contributed piece to a publication well before the holiday season. This gives reporters the option to run it when there are less staff in the newsroom or if there is a hole in news to fill.

Stay away from holiday-themed pitches:

  • Unless you have an excellent angle, stay away from holiday-related pitches. Reporters plan their holiday stories months in advance. The best time for holiday pitching is in early Fall.

Use scheduling tools for social media:

  • If you handle your client’s day-to-day social media accounts, make sure the holidays don’t stop you from regular posting. There are many tools such as HootSuite and SproutSocial that allow you to pre-package content and have it post automatically. Just remember to stay on top of current events that may affect the post or tweet you have planned.

The bottom line is that your media relations campaigns should shift a bit, but you should never go totally silent. Reporters will appreciate receiving the pitches and your clients will appreciate some nice end of year results.

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