Changes Coming to Facebook & What it Means for Community Managers

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It seems like every day we see a new article on the various updates to social media platforms, often with negative commentary about how it will change the user experience. Recently, the news on social media changing is focusing on Facebook. From the change in the algorithm and the effect on business pages, they also announced new methods to measure page and publisher trust to decide what you’re seeing on your page, particularly in relation to news.

In a world where we are constantly hearing “Fake News,” at first, I was excited about the update to help keep faulty headlines off my newsfeed. But after reading more, I am just confused. With news going from five percent of your newsfeed to four percent, I researched a little more to see what this means.

In order to show users trustworthy sites, Facebook is working with the community to determine what sources are broadly trusted and can be seen objectively by the majority of users. Right away, this begs more questions, such as who is the community that is determining this and do they have the same values as me, or is it the crazy aunt you had to hide in your feed? According to Facebook, there is a “Quality Panel” of 700 reviewers to provide real, human feedback as well as tens of thousands of surveys given each day within users newsfeeds.

In addition to being curious about the update as a user, I’m curious about the update as PR professional as well. Based on what outlets are considered trusted, are my clients showing up there? What effect does a change in news sources have on news being disseminated across various platforms?

After doing my research I discovered a few ways to stand out in the ever-changing Facebook landscape:

  • Make your posts timely and relevant
  • Build credibility and expertise with your audience
  • If you wouldn’t share the content, either will your audience
  • Scratch each other’s back (especially industry specific)

As you can see, with each update, we have more and more questions and will need to stay on top of trends to see how this unfolds. Most importantly, Facebook has made it clear we need to accept the reality of the changes and switch from short-term tactical fixes to sustainable long-term strategies.

We’d love to hear if your thoughts on the change or if you’ve received a survey in your newsfeed about the topic – tweet us at @MavenAgency and let us know!

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This post was written by Brianna Rooney

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