How to Stay Connected During a Digital Detox

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In today’s digital world we are more connected than ever before. Having a world of information available at our fingertips at all times is incredibly useful, especially for PR pros who need to stay on top of trends before they even happen. With that in mind, craving news and information 24/7 makes you dependent on your devices, ultimately impacting your mental well-being and disconnecting you from the real world.

While it is important for PR pros to stay in the know, it is even more important to take a digital detox every so often to stay in touch with reality. This can be a daunting task, considering the constant desire to know what’s happening at all times. Here are some ideas to help develop a healthy digital work-life balance while never missing a beat:

Limit yourself

It’s inevitable that you’ll have to check social media and digital news sources during a day in the office. To stay on top of your work, determine how much time you’ll need to gather relevant information and spread out your usage throughout the day. Let’s say you need 30 minutes in the morning to check your preferred news sources, an hour before lunch to sort through media coverage for clients, and an hour before the day is over to schedule social media posts. Even outside of work, give yourself a set amount of time to check your personal social channels to avoid aimlessly scrolling through your timeline. These limits may vary on a day-to-day basis, but keeping yourself on a strict schedule will help you stay focused on what matters and eliminate the clutter.

Mute any and all distractions

One of the wonders of social media is you can choose what you want to see. Instead of unfollowing or getting rid of accounts you want to avoid during your detox, temporarily mute or block any getting in the way of productivity. This way, all of your timelines and feeds will remain related to any information or trends you need to be aware of.

Turn off notifications

I know hearing your phone ring or buzz every five minutes can feel rewarding, but that gratification comes with a toll. Notifications keep us compulsively checking our phones in need of the most recent update, regardless of where we are or what we are doing. Think of how many times you’ve been in a meeting or at lunch with friends where you’ve incessantly checked your phone for notifications. By turning them off, you’ll be less distracted and more focused on what’s actually going on around you.

Start a conversation

During your detox, take advantage of one of the best resources available to you – people. Spend more time talking to your coworkers, colleagues, friends, the doorman of your building or anyone who can give you some fresh insight into what’s going on in the world. One of the most important components of public relations is creating meaningful relationships. Social media does bring people together, but in-person interactions will always be the best way to make connections and gain new perspective.

Whether we like it or not, social media and digital technology are an important part of our lives and careers. Take advantage of the information available to you online and stay connected through social channels, but know when and how to take a step back.

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This post was written by Alexa Vecchione

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