Spotlight On: Emily K

  1. How did you get into PR?

I studied communications in college and was fortunate enough to get an internship out of college at a PR agency. Since then, I have had a lot of really amazing mentors who have guided me along the way.

  1. What’s the proudest moment of your career?

I am still waiting for that career-defining moment, but I have had a handful of impressive media placements and client wins that I’m proud of. Also, it’s always an exciting moment when you get in sync with a client and they view you as not just their agency, but as a true extension of their team.

  1. How has the PR industry changed since you’ve started?

I would say that things have gotten a lot more digital, especially since the emergence of social media. It’s just such a big part of our lives. There’s really no such thing as breaking news anymore. Everything is minute-by-minute and everyone is tweeting reporters – that’s how you’re engaging. I think we are also relying less on traditional news cameras because we can just whip out our phone, take videos, and send them into the news stations.

  1. When you’re not at the office, what can we find you doing?

Definitely seeing live music! You can also find me at any number of gym studios throughout the city and trying new restaurants.

  1. What’s your favorite show to binge-watch on Netflix?

Well the current season of The Real Housewives of New York City aren’t on Netflix, but as far as Netflix goes, I just binged Season 1 and 2 of Queer Eye, it’s amazing. I think my all-time favorite binge show is probably Friends (favorite episode: The one with all of the resolutions).

  1. What book are you currently reading?

Everyone at Maven knows I have a tough time getting into books! Making time to read has been on my New Year’s resolution list for the past couple of years, so maybe 2019 is the year.

  1. What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

My all-time favorite restaurant in the city is Zahav, I love Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine. I’m also really obsessed with Royal Sushi & Izakaya.

  1. What’s your dream vacation spot?

It’s hard to choose because there are still so many places that I haven’t been, but I would really love to go to Africa.

  1. And finally, tell us something about yourself that we’d never expect.

I have attended at least 200 concerts…that’s a conservative estimate.