2023 Social Media Trends

Whether you use social media to promote your business or for your own entertainment, it’s important to stay up to date on the newest trends that these social networks have to offer.

With 2023 quickly approaching, here are several social media trends that we anticipate seeing (or seeing more of) in 2023.

  • Standards of authenticity
    • Social media is frequently accused of creating misleading realities. With this, it is believed that many platforms will reassess their authenticity meter, establishing stronger methods of measuring the validity of published content.
  • Short videos to become the dominant medium
    • The popularity of TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels, as well as YouTube Shorts, has contributed to the rise of short-form videos. This style of visual content is eye-catching, inexpensive, and utilizes elements of music, live video, and graphic work.
  • Increased investment into paid social
    • Given that current trends favor visual and video content, social media platforms are set to place a higher value on paid advertising content. When planning your digital marketing budget for the upcoming year, keep this in mind!
  • Continued brand involvement in social matters
    • More and more businesses are deciding to engage and take a stand in online discussions related to various social issues and will continue to do so through avenues of brand activism. From a brand perspective, it’s important to recognize the heavy influence brand engagement has on a movement or within a culture.
  • Influencer marketing led by micro-influencers
    • Influencer marketing can be used as a powerful tool for boosting brand awareness. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have shown that virtually anyone can establish a large following and online presence. Micro-influencers offer a more relatable stream of communication between a brand’s message and their target audiences—something marketers have gradually tapped into.
  • Social media to become a customer service channel
    • Social media has slowly become a medium for enhanced customer service. Users (or ‘customers’) can contact brand representatives and receive instant responses. As this improves aspects of social listening and brand trust, the creation of additional communication features within existing social platforms is expected.

As we begin to think about our New Year resolutions, let’s make one together— ‘In 2023, I will become a more informed social media user.’ The more knowledgeable you are about social platforms, the more success you will find in establishing a meaningful online presence.

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