My Public Relations Internship with Maven

Today, I will be recapping my public relations summer internship with Maven Communications. My summer internship at Maven has been an entirely new experience for me. Not only is this my first time working at a public relations agency, but it’s my first time working remotely. As a result, I’m learning a lot about the PR industry, and I’m getting more comfortable using technology to communicate and work collaboratively.


Since I work on a variety of different projects with different people, collaboration is a big part of my job. I often work on smaller, individual projects as part of our ongoing work for a client, or I contribute something to a larger project involving multiple members of the Maven team. In either case, it’s important for me to communicate with my coworkers, making sure I understand the overall goal. If I’m conducting a research project, I want my insights to be relevant and applicable. If I’m creating a written piece, I want the message to fit with the client’s style.

Time Management & Deadlines:

When juggling these different projects, I’ve had to learn how to stay organized and maximize my time. My coworkers give me sufficient time to complete a project; if my schedule is busy, I contact them to figure out which tasks should take priority. As my internship has progressed, I’ve gotten a lot better at working efficiently and budgeting my time. I’ve also seen an improvement in the overall quality of my work, and I’ve gotten a better understanding of what it takes to have a successful career in PR.

My Public Relations Internship with Maven

Public & Media Relations Writing:

The primary purpose of my writing at Maven is to gain exposure for a client and share a message to the public. When a newsworthy event occurs, or a client makes an announcement, I create different write-ups to generate interest and awareness. The writing length and style depend on the message, and whether the format is a social media post, press release, or media pitch.


Aside from writing, the other main skill I’m developing is research. I create a lot of media contact lists, news roundups, and competitive research reports that Maven uses to create media strategies and place stories. For any new research project, I usually start with Google to get an overview of the topic. Then, I use news curation websites to find recent articles and learn about industry trends. If I need to find media outlets, I search our Cision database to get information about reporters at relevant newspapers, journals, and broadcast stations.

Thank you for reading my Insight on my public relations internship with Maven. If someone you know is interested in Fall internship opportunities, check out our student internship section.

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