Media Relations and Digital Strategy Working Hand in Hand

The Challenge

The social media assets for Pennsylvania Ballet were robust, well engaged with, and the primary drivers of traffic to Pennsylvania Ballet’s website throughout the 2014-2015 performance season. When the dancers took leave for their annual three month summer break at the end of the 2015 season, the subject of social content also left. With no access to the dancers, Maven had to create a strategy that would keep audiences engaged during the summer break.


increased Facebook following during the three month performance break


number of weeks it took to reach the Ballet’s six month Facebook follower goal


increased Twitter following during the three month performance break


Maven’s media and digital teams worked together to create a robust summer campaign that repurposed media coverage from the past season and incorporated it into current industry trends. The digital team also took the opportunity to interact with target publications, writers, and industry influencers through their social channels, shoring up relationships for media coverage for the following season.


Pennsylvania Ballet’s Facebook following grew to by 15.7% over the three month break, achieving their six month follower goal in just six weeks, with an average of 2,502 link clicks per month. Pennsylvania Ballet’s Twitter following grew to by 3.7% over the three month break and had an average of 307 link clicks per month.

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