How To Celebrate Women’s History Month at Work

March 1st marked the beginning of Women’s History Month. This year’s theme is “Women Who Tell Our Stories.” This theme, designated by The National Women’s History Alliance, honors women of the past and present who have utilized media for storytelling. It’s important that we are not only aware of what this month represents, but how we can recognize it through generating conversation. I have outlined four ways your office can celebrate the accomplishments of women. 

Set Up a Team Building Event 

Team building is essential to strengthening the communication and relationships of your internal team. Pick one day of the month to order lunch in the office. Instead of having small talk, have a fishbowl discussion. In the center of the table, place a bowl with a variety of questions in it for the team to pick out and answer. Example questions to ask are: 


  • When do you feel the most supported? 
  • Who is a woman in media that has had an impact on your career? 
  • What does using media to tell your story mean to you? 
  • If you could pick any woman to play you in a movie, who would it be and why? 


Book Exchange 

If your office is filled with avid readers, consider a book exchange of all female authors. The books can range from fiction to non-fiction, self-help, and kid’s books for those with little ones.  At the end of the month, hold a casual conversation to discuss and reflect upon the books everyone read. Not only will this help expose your team to a new female author, but it will also create conversation about the female experience. 

Bulletin Board Display 

Purchase a bulletin board that can be displayed in your office. The theme of the board can vary. Ask employees to bring in a picture of a woman who has been influential to them. Or, have everyone print out a quote said by a woman that inspires them. Another idea is to have each team member write down a category that they identify with, such as mom, athlete, sister, brother, etc., and see the diversity that exists within your team. Lastly, you can assign team members to write notes of encouragement or kudos to one another. 


Not only is volunteering a great team bonding activity, but it also helps to engage your office with the greater community. Volunteer and donation opportunities include:  

Women’s History Month is meant to celebrate the achievements of women and recognize the adversity that women have overcome and continue to battle. Your office’s main goal this month should be in alignment with this purpose, regardless of what you choose to do to celebrate the month.  

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