Women Who Tell Our Story

This week, we wrap up Women’s History Month, an annually declared month dedicated to highlighting the contribution of women to history and the shaping of society.  In 2023, the theme of Women’s History Month was “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”  


This theme, designated by the National Women’s History Alliance, recognizes women of past and present who have been active in all types of media and storytelling. These media include radio, TV, print, screen, blogs, podcasts, news, and social media. This theme seeks to honor women in various communities who produce truth and authenticity through the media and art.  


Maven took this month as an opportunity to learn from some of our female clients. We asked these women various questions related to the month’s theme.


 Kari Glinski, Federal Realty, Vice President Asset Management

How do you amplify your voice?

“The success of my current role is dependent on my functioning as part of a team.  Amplifying your voice is as much about respecting the thoughts and opinions of your valued team members as it is about sharing your own opinion.  The best way to truly be heard is by understanding others’ positions and having a team approach to problem-solving.  A voice without a team and without support is meaningless.  A voice that reflects a collective team (and yes there will need to be a balance of compromises and debates along the way) is much more powerful and impactful.”


 Kira Strong, Rebuild Philadelphia, Executive Director 

As a girl mom, what career advice would you share with your daughter?   

“Trust your gut, work hard, build trusting relationships, and don’t forget to laugh!”


Alicia Karr, Meyer Architecture & Interiors, President

 If you could pick any woman to tell your story, who would it be and why? 

“For several years, I have been intrigued by the idea of writing a memoir.  I have always gravitated to stories of identity and self-discovering as told by the person.  Recently, I listened to Viola Davis’ autobiography, Finding Me.  Wow, it blew me away!  She bears her soul and shows her strength and vulnerability.  There is power, healing, and freedom in telling your own story.  So, while scary and daunting I would tell my own story.  Embrace all my successes and failures….and hopefully, inspire someone else to overcome and rise.”


Helen Casale, Hangley Aronchick, Shareholder

What can women do to better support each other professionally? 

“Be better mentors. Lift each other up rather than tearing each other down. Be there for the younger generation to help them navigate through their professional experience. Teach them what you have learned and how to do it better.”


We want to thank Kari, Kira, Alicia, and Helen for sharing their stories and advice with us. Let this past month open up the door to learning how we can better support other women to tell their stories. 



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