National Brand, Local PR

National brands often hire national PR firms. When it comes to making a brand impact in local markets, those national PR firms often partner with smaller PR firms who are entrenched within a community and are familiar with the nuances of the local media market.

When a national brand needs to make an impact with a specific region or community, local PR firms offer several advantages, increasing the likelihood of making a greater impact within the region. Four of those advantages include:

  • Physical presence: local PR firms can act as “boots on the ground” for in-person events with the added benefit of being familiar with locations and the faces of reporters and influencers who may attend.
  • Solid connections: one of the greatest benefits of utilizing a local PR firm is their connection to the local media market including reporters, camerapersons, bloggers and influencers. They know who will be interested and how it may tie into other initiatives or ongoing coverage.
  • Understanding of the market: every media market has it’s own quirks and nuances and no one knows what works and what doesn’t better than a local firm whose been in the market for years.
  • Messaging that resonates: while a national brand’s overarching message may remain the same, to really resonate locally, it needs to be adjusted to ensure it’s meaningful to a local population. That may mean incorporating local slang, tagging influential organizations or identifying additional third-party advocates to share the message. A local PR firm will be able to provide the best recommendations.

For national brands looking to extend their local awareness, foster community relationships and change local perceptions, a PR firm entrenched in a marketplace can provide a perfect partnership.

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