The Basics to Maintaining a Memorable Brand

So, you’ve just done a re-brand, now what? Having a strong media presence is essential to growing your label. Brands must be on top of their efforts to engage with the public on a regular basis. No matter what, it’s essential that your brand prioritizes consistency and authenticity. Here’s how to do that. 

What is your purpose? 

Consumers are in a constant overflow of new brands. How you stand out is by having a clear purpose for a specific audience. Moreover, what services/products do you offer or provide, and why should the buyer choose you? Once this is defined, you’ll need to create a mission statement. This is a short statement that encompasses what you offer, and how you’re unique. A mission statement is typically displayed on your website’s landing page and social media biographies. Similarly, you will want to craft your storyline, which is an extension to your mission statement. A storyline creates a base for customers to identify with the brand, detailing how and why you started your brand. Pro tip- use emotional connection here to give your brand an edge. 

Include visuals. 

Once you have solidified the core identity of your brand, it’s time to utilize your visual presence. During your rebranding, you might have created a new logo and chosen new colors. These colors should be consistently used on your website, social media, email signatures and in your store (if you have one).  Be sure to include your logo in your paper signatures as well as media alerts and press releases. This will help readers establish brand recognition with your logo. Visuals can also accompany a press release as they can represent a key part of your story, expanding the reader’s experience and connection beyond words.  

Understand your Buyer Personas. 

A buyer persona is basically your more in-depth target audience. Your buyer persona is an identity of your target consumer in detail, someone who has a problem that your company can solve. Think of three buyer personas. Include their age, occupation, problem, and how your brand is the solution. This will help you understand your customers more. Through understanding your buyer persona, you can generate data-driven insights that will help you identify which platforms you should use to reach each audience. Each audience member has a different message that works for them. Some audiences may be more interested in a message with a personal story, while others may prefer to see facts and statistics. It’s imperative that you invest time into understanding your buyer personas because they can quickly turn into brand ambassadors. With that being said, remaining flexible and adaptable is critical. As your brand ages, so does your audience, and their needs change. One way to do this is making sure you stay on top of your target audience through being up to date with news that concerns them. 

Work smarter, not harder with brand and content pillars. 

Brand pillars are what you want your company to emulate to the consumer. Pick three reliable statements; these can be about your product, the environment of your space, anything. For example, if you were to open a café, your brand pillars might be something like a calming and comforting environment, an excellent coffee spot, and a space for human connection. Your content pillars will be your cheat-sheet to keeping your social media active. First, decide what social media platforms your brand is going to use, your buyer personas will help identify this. These pillars are something for your brand to work off when creating new social media. You’ll want at least five different content pillars to recycle. Let’s use the example of a café again; your content pillars might be recipe of the week, barista story takeover, and a quote graphic. These pillars can translate into a content calendar. Your calendar should be laid out each month with your posting schedule. Examples for information to include are platform posted to (website, Facebook, etc.), type of content (Instagram reel, blog post, etc.), time of post, and so on. 

The bottom line. 

Customers are prioritizing authenticity, reliability, and consistency on deliverables now more than ever. So, make sure you’re passionate about whatever it is you’re selling, and you will build a loyal clientele over time. If you need any guidance, contact us to get started.  

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