Renewing and Empowering a Regional Nonprofit

The Challenge

WOMEN’S WAY is the region’s leading organization dedicated to the advancement of women, girls and gender equality. WOMEN’S WAY empowers organizations and individuals to take action and support equal opportunity for all.

After a period of relative inactivity, WOMEN’S WAY engaged in a strategic planning initiative, resulting in a new path forward and new Executive Director.  Maven was tasked with partnering with WOMEN’S WAY to help launch its new brand and reestablish it as a powerful catalyst for achieving gender equality.



Increase in website traffic


Increase in Executive Director LinkedIn connections


Increase in social reach and engagement


The strategic planning process led the nonprofit to take a thoughtful look at their brand and determine that a re-brand was necessary to ensure their visual identity reflected their mission. This included a full redesign of the WOMEN’S WAY website and new logo. Maven partnered with a local design agency and worked closely with them throughout the process of creating a new logo, complete with three words “connects, empowers, invests,” to best represent their overall mission.

At the same time, Maven developed an integrated communications plan to highlight and communicate the organization’s dedication to women, girls, and gender equality issues throughout the Philadelphia area. Maven identified four main goals for WOMEN’S WAY that were referenced throughout all media relations and social media campaigns:

  • Position WOMEN’S WAY as the regional leader in women, girls and gender equality issues
  • Position the Executive Director as an expert and thought leader on regional women’s topics
  • Re-engage past WOMEN’S WAY supporters and mobilize new supporters
  • Establish key messages for all WOMEN’s WAY platforms, ensuring brand consistency

Maven successfully positioned the Executive Director as a thought leader in the region with extensive visibility in top tier print and broadcast outlets. In addition, Maven leveraged social media to expand reach and visibility for WOMEN’S WAY. Through timely and relevant updates on women’s issues and regional topics impacting target audiences, both social reach and overall engagement were raised by 10%. Finally, Maven created a blog campaign called “WOMEN’S WAY speaks” so the organization could comment on a range of issues. The blog also served as a tool to profile members and grantees and showcases female advocates and success stories whenever possible.

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