Excellent Consumer Communications During COVID-19

Today, we are discussing excellent consumer communications during COVID-19. We’re taking a look at companies who’ve excelled at consumer communications during these unprecedented times while remaining authentic and true to their brands.

Organizations now more than ever need to adapt to the new normal. Having a long-term but flexible external communication strategy in place is key to business continuity and staying top-of-mind with clients and consumers.

Tito’s Vodka 

One highly publicized side effect as panic spread was a mass shortage of hand sanitizer. In response to reports of people attempting to make their own sanitizer out of alcohol, Tito’s took to social media to stress their product was not conducive as a sanitizer replacement. However, they announced plans to begin utilizing their facilities to help produce hand sanitizer. They also committed $2 million to organizations supporting those in the service industry impacted by the pandemic.

Tito’s agile response was effective for several reasons:

  • Recognized misinformation circulating with customers and took steps to address the issue
  • Made plans to support the community in a way that was meaningful for their brand and customers
  • Halted all other social media content that was not relevant to the pandemic showcasing understanding and empathy
Excellent Consumer Communications During COVID-19: Tito's Makes Hand Sanitizer

Photo: Tito’s Vodka via Twitter @TitosVodka


In response to social distancing mandates, Hallmark announced it would donate two million cards to people around the country. By visiting Hallmark’s “Care Enough” campaign website, you can enter your name and address to receive the card package. The package contains three different cards for people to send to:

  • Loved ones
  • Essential workers
  • Other isolated people like residents at nursing homes

The goal? Help lift the spirits of the folks that need it the most. Hallmark’s campaign is a perfect example of meaningful consumer communications because it is providing a direct solution to a side effect of the pandemic that’s also in line with the organization’s mission to help “people connect and enrich lives.”

Excellent Consumer Communications During COVID-19: Hallmark offers greeting cards

Photo: Hallmark via Twitter @Hallmark

Equinox Fitness Club

Equinox began communicating with its members to share clear and conscientious updates on cleaning procedures and safety precautions for guests and staff. Once the fitness facility closed its doors, the company halted all membership payments and began circulating a daily “Check-In” e-newsletter to help members stay healthy from home. Each email addressed multiple aspects of health – nutrition, exercise, and mental wellbeing. For example, the newsletter included a healthy afternoon snack recipe, a productivity tip if you’re working from home, and a link to live stream an Equinox instructor’s yoga class.

Equinox’s communication worked for several reasons:

  • Most obviously, they continued to provide their members with health information and opportunities to exercise even though gyms were closed.
  • The e-newsletter also delivered the tips as easily digestible, bite-sized news which takes less than a minute to read.
Excellent Consumer Communications During COVID-19: Equinox offers home workouts

Photo: Equinox via Instagram @Equinox

Regardless of what product or service your company produces, the examples of excellent communications all have a few factors in common – quick, responsive to the current climate, and empathetic to hardships and the way COVID-19 has changed our daily lives. Most importantly, all organizations stayed on brand.

Thanks for reading our insight on excellent consumer communications during COVID-19. Do you have other questions on public relations during COVID-19? Don’t miss Jessica’s insights. The Maven team will continue to share best practices over the next few weeks – stay tuned by following us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.


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