How To Handle The Dog Days Of Summer As A PR Pro

As we wrap up the first official week of summer and near July 4th, you’ve probably realized your campaigns have slowed down or maybe you’re not paying as much attention as you usually do. Similar with people being away over the holidays, the summer is a time where most go on vacation and don’t follow their usual habits or proactivity takes a backseat.

Instead of falling behind on client facing work or not knowing what to do with a slower season, here are a few tips to stay on track:

  • Social Media – With more time on the beach or out of the office, people are spending less time on their phones and instead, living in the moment. With that said, be aware of when you are sharing client’s news on social media. Mid-day on Friday? Your reach will likely be lower with people having summer hours or vacation days. Aim to post mid-week for a better chance at engagement.
  • Repurpose Content – Did you get a great segment on the news over the weekend? Reuse the spot on social, website and your newsletter to ensure more people see it. Similar to the above, people are on their phones less so share news across different platforms for a higher chance of being seen.
  • Use Your Connections – Have a big story coming up over the summer? Touch base with the reporters you have relationships with to see if they’ll be around to share your news or the best time to reach out to them with pitches. Working together can result in the best outcome for all.
  • Summer Clean Up – Are your clients away on vacation and it’s a slow news-cycle? Take some time to clean up your server, files and email. We often get so busy during the day that administrative tasks take a back seat so take time in the summer to do “back to school organization”

While summer may be a time off for some, PR never takes off, so plan ahead! What’s your approach to staying on top of work in the summer?

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