Leveraging Thought Leadership Coverage

We often get questions from clients about steps to take to further amplify media coverage or how thought leaders can use content for business development. The key is to make sure subject matter experts are identifying key audiences and taking a proactive approach to reach them.


Here are three tips for leveraging earned thought leadership media coverage:


LinkedIn: A Step Further

It goes without saying that any articles, tv segments, bylines or podcasts you’re featured in should be shared on LinkedIn. But there are several best practices to follow to ensure you are making the most of this content:

  • First and foremost, don’t just share an article link without context. Include a brief (2-3 sentence) post with commentary about why this topic is important or industry implications. You can also include questions to foster conversation among your connections.
  • Make sure to tag the reporter and publication to improve engagement.
  • Relevant hashtags related to the topic should be included to reach audiences outside your network. (Hint: You can search hashtags on LinkedIn to view total number of followers and identify the most popular hashtags.)

In addition to sharing a public post, you can also share your content within relevant industry networking groups on LinkedIn. For example, if you are a leader in the healthcare space, you may be active in the “Healthcare Executive US Networking Group.” Still remember to follow the above best practices, most importantly including commentary and posing questions to foster engagement.


Client Touch Base

If you are interviewed for an article on current market conditions, industry outlook or sector challenges and solutions, this can serve as a great touch point with current and prospective clients.

However, outreach needs to be personalized and tailored rather than mass distributed.

We recommend sending to contacts with a personalized note about why this article is relevant to them, such as a recent conversation you had, potential business implications or emerging opportunities. Save mass sharing with connections for your company’s newsletter (more below).


Company Amplification

Finally, don’t forget to share media coverage with your communications team. Most organizations will further distribute the coverage by promoting it on the organization’s social media platforms, highlighting on the website and your bio, utilizing as marketing collateral or including in a company newsletter.


Remember, successfully garnering media coverage is only half the battle for thought leadership positioning. Taking steps to leverage your content and getting it in front of the right audiences is just as important.

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