Why Research Is Critical To Pitching The Media

Simply contacting the media is not enough to secure coverage for your client.

Pitching is a skill that requires research, creative positioning and sometimes persuasiveness. Research is key to connecting the dots and becoming a trusted source with the media. Reporters receive hundreds of pitches per day so it is necessary to make yours stand out.

Below are a few ways that research can play a key role in successfully pitching and securing media coverage for your client:

Do your research before you pitch:

  • Who is your audience? It is important to first identify your audience then target reporters who write for media outlets that your audience frequently reads.

  • What media outlet will best tell your story? Determine where is it most beneficial for your client’s news to appear.

  • What reporter at that outlet is best to target? Do your research so you are not sending a pitch to a reporter who does not cover the subject matter.

    • How does that person prefer to receive communication? Some reporters favor email over phone calls. Be respectful and accommodate their preferences.

  • Learn about the reporter

    • Read some of the stories that he/she recently published.

      • Do any of their past stories relate to what you are pitching? If so, mention it within your pitch. This shows you are detail oriented and took the time to do your research.

Do your research to write the pitch:

  • Is there an industry trend you can connect to your story? If so, give relevant and timely examples.

  • Has the reporter written any stories relating to this topic? If so, make mention of their past stories in your pitch.

  • Are there any metrics, data or statistics you can use to make your pitch more relevant?

  • Identify spokespeople that you can offer to the reporter who will enhance the story.

  • Do you have visuals or images to go along with the pitch and enhance the story?

Following these simple guidelines can help you draft a pitch that is well received by journalists and ultimately garners positive media coverage for your client.

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