Public Relations Takes Patience

“Patience is a virtue,” they say. The ability to wait patiently for something is not only an important personal skill to learn. But it is also necessary professionally, especially as it relates to public relations.

PR professionals are often accustomed to the fast-paced industry of media requests that require a quick turnaround or a crisis that demands an immediate plan of action.

That is not always the case – sometimes it takes time and patience to be successful, build a relationship with a reporter, or secure a media opportunity. Below are a few tips that can help:

Manage expectations:

“How long will it be until we see results?” Is a question PR professionals often hear. It is important to manage expectations so everyone understands that PR “wins,” though sometimes immediate, usually take time and are not guaranteed.

Once a strategy is put in place, it could take months of research, relationship building, and media outreach before any media coverage is secured.

Planning is key:

Creating a PR plan with a regular cadence of news and announcements is a great way for a company to keep themselves top of mind and their spokespersons available for relevant positioning. Having a plan also prevents companies from being impatient and rushing to share the news before it is ready, leading to missed opportunities or mistakes.

A steady stream of newsworthy announcements and thoughtful pitch ideas will ultimately garner positive media attention.

Relationships require work:

Just like personal relationships, PR relationships take time to cultivate. Patience is needed to establish yourself and your clients as trusted sources for a reporter. Understand that the media sift through hundreds of pitches per day.

Just because a response is not immediate does not mean there is no interest. Be patient, follow up in a day or two, but know when to stop.


Ultimately, the key to success is a balance between patience and persistence. For tips on inspiring your next media pitch, click here. If you have additional questions or would like to get started, contact us.


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