Tips to Inspire Your Next Media Pitch

Pitching media contacts in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, civil unrest, and one of the most covered elections in history taught PR professionals how to be flexible and resilient.

Last year pushed us to learn how to rethink media outreach strategies so pitches and client news could successfully stand out to reach reporters.

In today’s Insight, we will discuss key pitching takeaways and how those examples can be used to guide your next media pitch. Below are tips for inspiration.

Be real: People want to talk to real people.

Do not send a robotic mass email pitch to a list of hundreds of reporters and hope for the best. Instead, reach out to the media contact and ask:

» What are they covering?

» What type of news would be most helpful for them to receive?

This type of human contact establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the reporter that often results in positive media coverage for clients.

Be realistic: Is your information newsworthy?

One of the most challenging aspects of pitching the media is determining what a reporter will find newsworthy. Ask yourself the following questions:

» Will the news reach its intended audience if this reporter is interested?

» Is the pitch appropriate for this reporter’s coverage area or media outlet?

» Would a consumer of the outlet find this information interesting and relevant?

Be creative: Is your pitch unique?

Reporters respond to pitches that stand out against the clutter and offer a new angle. Before drafting your pitch, do some digging to find out the following:

» Has the reporter written about this topic recently? If so, can you offer something new or different?

» Has this topic already been covered by other news outlets?

This is important because reporters want to write about news that draws readers to their piece and stands out from other outlets.

Be credible: Are you a trusted resource?

The more accurate information and resources you can offer a reporter, the easier their job is. Think about the following when drafting your pitch:

» Does the pitch have relevant and accurate data points? If so, provide sources and links for independent fact-checking.

» Ensure that you are offering an expert resource or thought leader who is prepped on the topic and can serve as a reliable source.

» Does the reporter have everything they need? These resources may include images, links, ample information to pitch the story to their Editor.


If in doubt, remember to be real, realistic, creative, and credible when making your next media pitch. Need help creating a media outreach strategy? Feel free to contact us to get started. And for more tips on determining newsworthiness, click here.

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