Social Media + Email Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

There’s no doubt that social media reigns as king of digital marketing in 2020. But that doesn’t mean email has lost its purpose and value. In a perfect world, email and social media work together to build an audience base and brand loyalty.

Social media is a great way to gain instant attention, while email builds a longer-lasting relationship. The best part about email marketing is that you own your subscriber base and can alter it as you see fit. As opposed to social media followers, who are unpredictable and ever-changing.

When building your marketing strategy for 2021, consider these strategies to best align your social media and email efforts.

Add Social Icons to Your Emails

When designing your email marketing template, make sure to add space at the top or bottom for social media icons that link directly to your accounts. This invites your audience to further engage with your brand’s content and can help grow your followers. To take it a step further, link your accounts or specific posts within the body of the email when appropriate; this will help convert your email subscribers to social media followers.

Add a Subscribe Button to Your Social Media

Platforms like Facebook allow brands to add a button to the top of a page that link directly to a subscriber sign-up page. This gives your followers an opportunity to opt-in to emails and further engage with the brand outside of social media. It’s also smart to add your email sign-up link to your bio or bio link tool, such as Linktree, so you never miss an opportunity to catch a new audience member’s attention.

Integrate Emails into your Social Calendar

One of the best ways to entice your social media followers to subscribe to email updates is by showing them what they’re missing. Once your email goes out, share a link on social media with an image and copy that represents the content of the newsletter. Many email marketing platforms give you the option to post to Facebook and Twitter automatically once the email is sent. This will give followers a taste of what content you’re sharing and could ultimately convert them into longtime email subscribers. You can also get creative and tease something special in an upcoming newsletter to encourage followers not to miss out.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to social media and email marketing is to be as aligned as possible. The goal is to build a loyal follower base that is excited to click on your emails and engages with your social media content. Think of it as a symbiotic relationship – one cannot be successful without the other.

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