Storytelling Through Public Relations

There’s no question that at the root of Public Relations is authentic storytelling. Good stories help connect and build meaningful relationships with reporters and target audiences. With that in mind, traditional storytelling tactics won’t always get you the results you need. So, how do you get your target audience to hear and engage with your story? You have to bring the story to life.

Here are a few PR tactics that can bring the story to your target audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and amplifying of online content, including videos, blogs and social media to garner attention and interaction. It is a great way to make your audience relate to something, depending on how the story is written. When writing a content marketing piece, keep in mind what the audience is getting from it. You should be asking yourself why should they read it? What are they getting out of it? Having a call to action is a great way to motivate readers to further engage with your brand. Also, third party or user content can be a great way to be more relatable.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with a target audience. Each social platform has functions that allow interactivity, whether it’s comments, replies, polls, sharing, etc. These functions are pivotal for engagement and garnering direct feedback from your audience. Responding to and interacting with the audience in each platform will ensure that they feel listened to and help them see your brand is trustworthy.

Media Relations

The best way to pique a reporter’s interest is to create a clear and concise story. Reporter outreach is an incredibly important aspect of PR, as your outreach could convince a reporter to tell your story. Don’t simply invite the media to see your story, let them be a part of it.

When strategically selected and deployed for specific campaigns, these practices will be successful. It is key to know when and how these tactics should be used. Don’t try to force stories, but rather be authentic and clearly communicate what your brand wants audiences to experience. When done strategically, these tactics are a great way to help your brand garner the coverage and attention it deserves.

To learn about measuring the success of a PR Campaign, read Emily Kanter’s How to Measure the Success of a PR Campaign.

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