LinkedIn For Business Development: Features You Might Not Know About

LinkedIn currently has more than 850 million members. And according to the company, 95 job applications and six people are hired every minute through the platform. Even without considering this impressive data, it’s no secret that LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for professional networking – making it an invaluable tool in your business development strategy.

One of the main ways LinkedIn maintains its position as the professional network is by continuously rolling out updates, new tools and features to help users make connections and build stronger networks.

To help you maximize your account, here are three LinkedIn features for business development you might not be using, but should consider:


  1. Group Participation

One of the best ways to expand your network and make new connections is to join industry networking groups where clients and prospective clients are active. For example, if you’re an attorney practicing in the real estate financing space, there are countless networking groups for developers, commercial real estate professionals, etc. An easy way to begin researching potential groups to join is to look at clients and peers’ profiles to see the groups they are currently active in.

Remember, simply joining groups won’t make a dent in your strategy. It’s important to be active and engaged by sharing industry news in the group, commenting and engaging with members, and adding new connections.


  1. Download Your Contacts

Did you know you can download a list of your LinkedIn connections and their email addresses? Export this data to stay in direct contact with connections or add them to your personal or company newsletter to stay top-of-mind. LinkedIn does have privacy protections in place, so you’ll only be able to access emails that are first-degree connections and users who have approved their information for download.

For directions on downloading contacts, visit the LinkedIn Help article linked here.


  1. QR Code

In 2021, LinkedIn rolled out a QR code feature (which we’re all familiar with post-pandemic!) to easily connect with users and share your own page, without searching through countless similar names and companies. This feature is especially helpful to quickly and seamlessly add new connections at conferences, seminars and networking events.

Accessing your QR code is simple. First, go to “My Network” at the bottom of your LinkedIn app. Next, click the blue plus button. You’ll then be prompted to share your QR code or scan someone else’s.


Social media is constantly changing. While it can seem like another item on your never ending “to-dos,” exploring new or unused platform features will help you better target audiences, stay in front of connections and make your LinkedIn business development strategy more efficient.

For more tips on utilizing LinkedIn, check out Maven’s “LinkedIn For Business Development: 4 Essential Tips.”

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