Tips for Creating Social Media Content While Working From Home

Today, we’ll be discussing some tips for creating social media content while working from home. Staying productive while working remotely from home can be a challenge, especially for creatives. Producing high-quality content is harder for various reasons, such as lack of at-home resources and low doses of inspiration.

The need for engaging social media content is more prevalent than ever. People are staying at home and seeking entertainment and information. Content producers should take advantage of this time by increasing post frequency and expanding digital and social capabilities.

As we continue to navigate the work-from-home struggle, here are some tips for social media content producers stuck in a rut.

Stay Aware, Stay Focused

We live in a world where each day brings a new headline or topic. It can be overwhelming to stay in-the-know during this time, but staying aware can also inform your social media strategy. To avoid coming across as tone-deaf, stay up to speed with news, competitors, and other trends that impact your content. The more knowledge you have about the current environment, the more equipped you’ll be to respond in times of crisis or capitalize on a social media opportunity. Keep current events top of mind when creating content and adapt your calendar to reflect these changes.

Explore New Content Formats

Now is the time to try new things. If your brand or client typically shies away from content such as videos, Instagram, Facebook stories, or Twitter polls, experiment in a way that makes sense for the messaging you want to share. There is less of an expectation for brands to produce top-notch video content. Audiences are responding positively to authentic, DIY videos recorded on iPhones and webcams. With people mindlessly scrolling through social media, why not grab their attention in a way you haven’t tried before? Of course, this requires research beforehand to determine which medium makes sense for your brand or client’s industry and audience. But taking the risk might set you up for higher engagement and more opportunities for social exploration in the future.

Tips for Creating Social Media Content While Working From Home

Seek Inspiration From Your Followers

When COVID-19 began to impact the way we live our lives, many people looked to social media to get answers from their favorite restaurants, stores, and brands to learn about the pandemic’s impact. This unraveled a new level of brand-consumer dialogue that should continue. If you’re unsure of content your audience wants to see, find a creative way to ask them. Whether it’s an Instagram story poll or encouraging comments on a Facebook post, opening up this conversation with your audience shows their voices are heard and builds that relationship to significantly help your brand or client in the long run. When appropriate, collect content from your audience, like tips, images, or videos to share on your platform to spice up social feeds and engage with your followers.

Switch Up Your Workspace

When it comes to the actual creation of content, location plays an important role. If you feel stuck in your home office or makeshift workspace, keep the creativity flowing by working in different spaces. Go for a walk, jot down ideas, or find a hidden nook in your home to change of scenery. You’ll be surprised at how a small change in the environment can impact your thought process.

It looks like work-from-home life is here to stay, at least for the near future. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box when it comes to social media content; explore new possibilities that could boost your brand or client’s social media presence in the long run.

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