We’re Creating a Marketing Video– Now What?

For today’s Insight, we will be discussing tips for creating a marketing video.

At the beginning of the year, the Maven team agreed that 2020 was going to be the year of increased video marketing across all industries.

Video is a highly effective vehicle to authentically portray your message, differentiate your content, and reach audiences with increasingly short attention spans. In fact, Smart Insights reported that “the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021.” This is a nearly 20% jump compared to 2019!

Once you decide a marketing video is a worthwhile investment for your brand, there are a few factors to consider before your strategy and plans are finalized:

Identify Goals & Audiences

The first step in developing a compelling marketing video is to establish your goals and target audience. For example:

  • Is the objective to position leadership as subject matter experts with reporters?
  • Are you showcasing positive workplace culture for prospective new hires?
  • Are you demonstrating organizational impact to funders?

How you answer these questions will influence every aspect of your video – including who you should feature, length, style, and format.

Prep Spokespersons

The next step is to determine your video spokespersons. Remember, even the most experienced public speaker can freeze up once the camera starts rolling!

  • Hold prep sessions to discuss video topics.
  • Develop scripts with clear and concise key messaging for each spokesperson.
  • Spokespersons should try rehearsing messaging in front of a mirror before the shoot.

Practicing will help spokespersons fluidly deliver messaging, make needed adjustments, and increase comfortability on the day-of. Also, don’t forget to smile!

We're Creating a Marketing Video– Now What?

On Camera Tips

Many spokespersons also have questions about what to wear on camera. A few quick wardrobe tips are outlined below:

  • Solid colors typically look better on camera.
  • Stripes or busy patterns can distract the viewers. This rule also applies to accessories, like scarves, statement jewelry, and ties!
  • Don’t dress in all white or all black. Try subtle, contrasting colors.
  • Make sure the clothing you wear is comfortable and looks good standing AND sitting.
  • Remember to consider the goals on the video! For example, if it’s a recruitment video – dress as you would in the office.
  • Having a hairbrush or make up on hand is helpful for last minute touch ups.

As you’re going through the tips outlined above, make sure to stay in close contact with your videographer. They’ll be able to help ensure everyone is prepared, adequate time is allocated, scheduling is seamless, and all the kinks are ironed out before the big day. If planned strategically, videos can be a fantastic tool to add to your communications arsenal.

Thank you for reading our Insight on factors to consider when creating marketing videos. Read our Insight’s on “How to Measure Digital ROI” and “Laying the Foundation for an Effective Social Media Strategy” for more ideas on creating videos and other content.

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