Welcome Summer 2020 Interns

A special welcome to Maven’s Summer 2020 Interns — Will Patterson & Sophia Keller!

Public Relations Intern, Will Patterson, and Digital Intern, Sophia Keller, discuss their educational career, their internship objectives, and what the enjoy doing on their time off.

What university do you attend and what are you studying?

Will Patterson: I’m currently enrolled at Temple University, studying Communication Studies.

Sophia Keller: I am currently enrolled at Pennsylvania State University’s satellite school Brandywine, and I am studying Corporate Communications.

Are there any school clubs or organizations you actively take part in?

Will Patterson: I am a co-head writer for “Temple Tonight”, which is Temple’s late-night-style TV show. Additionally, I volunteer with Cherry Pantry which is an organization that fights food insecurity on campus.

Sophia Keller: I’m the editor in chief for Brandywine’s newspaper “The Lion’s Eye”. Our newspaper has begun shifting to online journalism to modernize with the digital age.

What work interests you?

Will Patterson: I love working in public relations and marketing.

Sophia Keller: I love working with digital art, video editing, and web development to public and media relations.

What does your internship entail?

Will Patterson: I create and maintain media lists and clip reports, monitor press coverage, and research and write media materials.

Sophia Keller: I work to maintain social media platforms and websites using graphic design, writing, and video editing for Maven and other clients.

Why did you want to work with Maven?

Will Patterson: I’ve never worked for an agency before, and I wanted the opportunity to perform different tasks for a variety of clients.

Sophia Keller: Maven offers me the chance to experience communications in a business setting as well as the opportunity to work with a company built and ran by women who are professionals in their field.

What are you looking to do after you graduate?

Will Patterson: I want to stay in Philadelphia and find a job that provides the first stepping stone in my professional career.

Sophia Keller: My goal is to begin my communications career right out of college working for a PR firm in Philadelphia.

What are some of your favorite memories from college? 

Will Patterson: The Eagles Super Bowl was a lot of fun. I’ve worked as an usher in one of Temple’s theaters, so I’ve had the chance to see some interesting shows. Also, I once sprained my wrist at a friend’s a cappella concert.

Sophia Keller: An English course I enrolled in contained eleven people. Over the semester all of us became close friends bonding over the challenging discourse. While the course itself was not a favorite of mine, the people I met there created one of my fondest memories at Brandywine.

What are some of your favorite pastimes?

Will Patterson: I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, experiencing the outdoors, and watching sitcoms or college football.

Sophia Keller: I love to read Epics like Homer’s The Odyssey and sketch while listening to music to unwind after work or school.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Maven’s summer interns, Will Patterson and Sophia Keller.

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