Content Marketing to Raise Awareness


Arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic health problems in the U.S. and the leading cause of disability in the Philadelphia region. Although the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation offers numerous programs, seminars, and resources free to the Philadelphia community, there was very little awareness of the organization, and even less knowledge of the services provided. With a small staff, the nonprofit relies on volunteers to create, implement and promote programs, and has no marketing budget.


By harnessing the talent of community members with a background in marketing and an interest in nonprofit work, a Marketing and Communications Committee was created whose sole mission was to raise awareness of the Arthritis Foundation and its resources. The group created original content for the local chapter website, which was then disseminated through various social media platforms. In addition, the personal stories of community members affected by arthritis were videotaped; relationships with the media were used to promote fundraising for events; and social media campaigns were implemented to foster relationships between social good businesses and the Arthritis Foundation.


Since creation of the Marketing and Communications Committee, the Arthritis Foundation has experienced a 45% increase in traffic to their local chapter website, an 80% increase in fans to the chapter’s Facebook page, creation of a YouTube page that houses over 30 videos of personal stories, a media partnership with NBC 10, and a 25% increase in participation in the annual fundraising event, the Jingle Bell Run.

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