Navigating a Successful U.S. Product Launch


UniRisX, Ltd., a global provider of SaaS-based, full policy management solutions for the insurance marketplace, was about to be acquired by a venture capital firm in order to bring their solutions to the U.S. market. The acquisition also officially marked the launch of parent company, UniRisX, LLC. Up to this point UniRisX, Ltd. had relied on word-of-mouth to sell their solution, but now they needed a more strategic and robust marketing approach.


In order to communicate the unique value proposition of UniRisX, Ltd., Maven created a compelling and concise messaging platform. Using this platform and existing case studies, Maven drafted numerous white papers which were used as thought leadership pieces for award recognitions, speaking opportunities and bylined article placements. In addition, Maven created a year-long media calendar to reach industry analysts and leaders on a consistent basis.


UniRisX was successfully launched in the U.S. market to great fanfare. The new parent company received considerable media coverage; the CEO was profiled and interviewed extensively. After the launch, Maven worked with executives to use the initial coverage as a springboard for ongoing audience engagement, producing white papers, bylined articles and newsworthy announcements from the company.

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