Using Snapchat to Drive Engagement with Teenagers and Millennials


American Dairy Association North East (ADANE) enlisted Maven to come up with a digital campaign to engage teenagers in a fun and meaningful way during National Dairy Day at the annual New York State Fair (NYSF).


Maven's digital team created a one-day Snapchat campaign targeting young Millennials in attendance at the NYSF. The campaign’s filter allowed users to creatively take snaps and videos of the day’s activities while promoting Dairy Day and ADANE’s brand. By targeting teens where they already are, Maven assisted ADANE in creating a filter which implemented the brand’s key messages and themes from the NYSF.


Using the geo-location of the Dairy Pavilion at the NYSF, Maven successfully targeted and reached teenagers and Millennials who attended the NYSF on Dairy Day. The Snapchat filter was used 313 times and had 8,092 unique views for the duration of the campaign. ADANE’s cost per impression for this campaign was $.17 per impression, which proved to be more cost effective than traditional social media sponsored posts.


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